Manhattan Property Finding Service & Joint Ventures

Knightsbridge International Investments have established a successful New York property finding service, ideal for those who are very busy we offer a personal and dedicated service enabling you to find your ideal home or property investment very quickly and efficiently. We have a large network of private contacts within  Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island where we negotiate excellent off market prices on your behalf. We have access  to exclusive developments like the One57 Tower, 515 E 72nd St, 15 Central Park West, luxury brownstones in Greenwich Village and Upper East Side and exclusive loft apartments in Soho and Tribeca

We offer free consultation to write down your brief , we then review all potential property matching your criteria then draw a shortlist which we then review with yourselves with our recommendations. We then help you with viewings and then liaise with solicitors ,surveyors and any other required professional services up to completion Our success fee is only payable once contracts have been exchanged .

Fees start from just 1.0 % of the purchase price or for rentals we charge one months rent. Start up fee is just $10,000 deductable from the success fee

We also offer investment property for rentals and property refurbishment.  Please call  +1 917 902 5160  to speak to one of our trained consultants

With our expertise in property development over the last 10 years, we are always keen in hearing about potential joint venture opportunities.

We are interested in hearing from :

Land and Property Owners

There are various types of land options and development structures they are often tailored to suit the various parties involved in a particular development. Land options are used when a freeholder wishes to retain the freehold but sells the “options” or right to develop the site to a third party. Special purpose vehicles are often limited companies set up to manage and finance an individual development, they offer the advantage of “ring fencing” the finance, liabilities and some taxation issues. Mezzanine funding is a phrase used to describe additional investment in a financed property development, it describes the additional funding that is added to the main bank finance, put in simple terms it is the bit on top. Hence the mezzanine. Planning gains are the financial gain that is immediately made once a planning permission is granted for a site and the value of that site increases as a direct result of the new planning permission.

Joint Venture Property Developments

Joint venture property developments are often mutually beneficial joint venture contracts between the various contractors and professionals that form the building blocks of most property ventures or property deals.

Typically they would be the owner of the land or site, or sometimes the person or organisation that holds the development rights through an option agreement. There are also often main contractors who will sometimes carry out the build stage of the property development at cost, or arrange the development payment scheduled to assist with the project funding and lending criteria.

There are various ways to structure a joint property venture, either through profit share or a mezzanine funding agreement, or simple through deferring invoice dates. The various mezzanine funding options or interest roll up structures help greatly because they keep cash out of the development in the build stage when funds are most needed. The issue is valuable cash gets tied up in the development to satisfy the development funders that it is not just their funds in the project. Then once the property development build stage is underway there is no cash through the door until either the project is finish and most importantly sold or at the very least the first stage.

So it becomes apparent that when the cash flow or large site deposits are often one of the largest challenges that many property developers face, the need for more and more creative financing structures mean that the joint venture are often the best way to secure both the land option and the property development financing.

Interestingly the government have even used the basic principle with their public private partnerships, and in turn the joint property venture has filtered down to even some of the most basic property developments. When a small builder may chose to defer their invoice until a project is sold in exchange for a profit share, this can assist a developer who can only finance the site or project purchase costs.

If you require a builder to build out your proposed development or require funds to go through the planning process we can help out and even provide development funding up to 100 % in certain cases on both land and build. We would even be interested in paying your mortgage arrears if it enables you to keep a building that has potential added value.

We have a specialist team of architects, structural engineers, builders, surveyors, party wall experts and investors throughout the UK and USA. Our legal team has all the relevant joint venture documents at hand and the overall process would be very smooth, with constant communication from initial meeting to finalising share of the profits. If you have an exciting opportunity worth hearing about then please do not hesitate to contact Jon on +1 917 902 5160 / +44 7970 153772

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